When you purchase your duck mini fridge, you have to consider the type of items to put inside it. Keep in mind that the fridge is not big enough to accommodate bigger items. Hence, you must separate each household item to ensure you put only the needed item inside the fridge. You are about to learn the best time to put inside your duck mini fridge.

Best items to put inside duck mini fridge

When you decide to fill your duck mini fridge, you have to seriously consider the type of food items you put inside to create additional space. Because of the small size of the fridge, you should consider putting the following items inside.

Fruits and Vegetables

You need fruits and vegetables to improve your overall wellness. Hence, you must create enough space to accommodate the number of fruits and veggies you wish to store inside the fridge. Since the duck mini fridge is small, you may consider putting in a small number of fruits or veggies. You should also consider the size of the fruit and vegetable to put inside the fridge. For example, large watermelons may struggle to find space inside a small fridge. Hence, size is an important factor to look out for.


When you return home after a long day, you surely need some cold water to feel relaxed and at ease. You should endeavor to create enough space for your drinking water.


If you are a fan of fruit juice, you may consider creating a space for it. Keep in mind that the space must be big enough to accommodate any size of juice of interest.

Other desirable food items

Do not overload your duck mini fridge with food items. Ensure that you create additional space for the extra item.

How much do you require to run a duck mini fridge?

Most duck mini-fridges cost less to run and operate. The average annual cost to run a duck mini fridge often ranges from $50 to $100. However, your country of residence will definitely determine how much you will pay to operate your duck mini fridge for a year.

Best place to position your duck mini fridge at home

You should not keep your duck mini fridge in any spot you desire. It is always advisable to keep your fridge at one corner edge of your room. However, it should be at a spot where you can easily access its content whenever the need arises.

How to clean your duck mini fridge

If you want to clean your duck mini fridge, you surely have to put out some work to achieve success. Firstly, you have to remove every item you put inside the fridge and use clean clothing material to get rid of the dirt within its inside.


Duck mini fridge has helped people save thousands of dollars, while still getting the best service. But if you want to enjoy your duck mini fridge, you should consider checking out its features before purchasing. When you successfully purchase your fridge, ensure that you do not overload it with food items.


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